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Book reviews - quotes & cuttings
RTE TV Today Show with Maura & Daithi book review

"It's a beautiful book, old photographs of Ireland, they are absolutely fantastic."
Irish Times newspaper

"...choosing to focus on simple traditions and ways of life, some of which have long been abandoned. Dark Ireland: Images of a Lost World borrows its title from Patrick Kavanagh's famous poem, focusing on the back roads of Ireland and the everyday lives of rural people."
Sunday Business Post magazine

"Paint it Black---A new book by master photographer Richard Fitzgerald feels through the darkness of a disappeared Ireland"
Irish Post newspaper

"...a record of the unique aspects of Irish life that have almost disappeared."
Irish Examiner newspaper

"The images in his book Dark Ireland: Images of a Lost World , capture the unique landscape of Ireland but they are also intimate portraits of the inhabitants of that landscape as they worked, played and prayed."
Irish World newspaper

"The photo collection focuses on the back roads of the countryside, and records intimate moments of people in their cottages and farms. Nuns, Rosary-nights, confessions, coffins and currachs are captured along with horse-fairs and peat harvesting"
The Irish Catholic newspaper

"Richard Fitzgerald has spent a lifetime looking through his camera lens with a dedicated eye."
Dungarvan Observer newspaper

"In his enchanting book, the dimly-lit rooms of Ireland prior to the arrival of electricity are eloquently remembered. The result is a unique album which is both compelling and graceful; a fond tribute of an earthier time and place."